Recommended Books

Includes a guide to the types of pearl and to the farming process.

Advice on buying pearls; what to look for and what to avoid and gives instruction on working with pearls, including drilling, setting and knotting.

Information on South Sea, Tahitian, Akoya, freshwater and natural pearls. This practical book celebrates their exquisite beauty and enduring elegance.

This book is the academic definitive textbook. Currently not available/out of print

Polishing and finishing is under-rated craft. Topics covered include: setting up a workshop, tools and compounds; finishing methods including satin finish and oxidizing; polishing bangles, rings and cutlery

Stephen M Goldsmith is a master polisher and is a fellow of the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths and the only polisher to become a master of the Dutch Guild of Goldsmiths.

Stone setting is an ancient craft used to hold beautiful gems secure in the most elegant of designs. Step-by-step instructions, supported by informative illustrations and excellent examples of finished pieces.

Techniques include bezel, claw and flush, through to single row and multiple pave, then to skilled methods such as channel and microclaw.